Friday, August 23, 2013

August 2013

My apologies to everyone for being so bad about keeping this blogspot up to date. It seems that my best intentions to post with regularity on the Rector's page have yet again fallen short. With our new program year upon us I will try to material and news with greater regularity.

In turning over this new leaf let me begin by telling everyone about our adult education offering for this Fall. During the 9:00am Education hour in the Parish Hall I will be offering a course called Modern Parables. This course subtititled "Living in the Kingdom of God," is a video series which features short (15 - 20 minute) video adaptions of some of the classic parables of the New Testament. Along with the video are questions for discussion and suggestions for outside reading. Each class is designed to be 45 - 50 minutes in length. I've heard nothing but good reviews regarding this series! Try to join us at 9am in the parish hall beginning on September 8.